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Stephen B. Kaplitt, Esq.
Kaplitt Legal Consulting
489 Fifth Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: +1-917-224-6743

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I understand how KLC is different from outside counsel. We already have in-house counsel, what would KLC do that they couldn't ?

In-house lawyers oversee a wide range of discrete legal matters, and spend much of their time fielding and responding to inquiries and requests from within their organization. They depend on outside law firms, and may find it awkward to challenge what those firms do and how they bill.

An independent legal consultant can act as an intermediary between the two, and ensure that outside counsel is utilized in the most efficient and value-added manner. KLC is also an on-call alternative to outside counsel for special projects or tasks that may tax the resources of in-house counsel.